Art of Restoration
In partnership with The Louvre Art Gallery of Grass Valley, Ca

 Restoration & Conservation Services for Oil Paintings, Acrylics, Prints and Photographs
Serving Grass Valley, Nevada City, Auburn, Roseville, Sacramento and across the US
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Holes, tears, yellow varnish and flaking paint dont need to detract from the beauty of your painting. Our restoration services will return your artwork to its original appearance. Paintings can be lined/patched to mend tears or to reattach loose and lifting paint. Yellow varnish can be removed through a very deailed cleaning process. Areas missing can also be repaired and re-touched.

Some believe that, care, art restoration, and appraisal of artwork should be reserved only for expensive, rare works, but this is not the case. It's also very important to take into sentimental value of your art work. 

It is truly a remarkable process to watch these old paintings that you can barely make out, restored to beautiful works of art. 

Art of Restoration specializes in Paintings (oil, acrylic, etc), paper goods, art research, photograph repair, professional art handling and art installations. 


-Photo Repair and Restore
-Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor Restoration
-Framing and Frame Restoration
-Surface cleaning
-Varnish removal
-Tear mending
-Filling losses
-In-painting areas of loss
-Replacing stretchers
-Condition reports
-Photographic documentation
-Frame repair